Attention all small business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs! This is where you’re meant to be if you’re looking for help to grow your empire.

We want to assist and support you by providing funding of up to R5 Million and whatever business support you need. You get to focus on your areas of genius because we have experts to manage the other stuff for you – whether that’s dealing with labour laws or managing your marketing.

We invest in equity because we want to partner with you to help you grow. We know what it takes for you to succeed as a South African entrepreneur. It’s time you use our expertise, resources and networks to fulfil your business potential.

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If you own a successful small business, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s smart, driven and ready to level up, then you’re in the right place!

If you don’t yet have a solid business plan or aren’t sure of your business metrics, we suggest you go do your homework and then come back to apply when you’re truly ready.

Still with us? Great! If you know your business is going to hold strong when placed under our microscope, please read the application process explanation below very carefully and then apply.

After you complete Step 1, you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of each step via email.

The Application Process

Step 1

Fill in a short form

Answer 6 basic questions about yourself.

NOTE: Once you move onto Step 2 you will be on a tight deadline so make sure you’re ready to spend time on your application.

Step 2


THE TEST: This is a basic assessment of your business competency. If you score well, you’ll move on to step three.

THE SURVEY: This covers your background and the motivation for your business.

Your application timeline would start now so you must be sure you can meet the deadlines that will be outlined for you via email.

Step 3


From the moment you receive the link, you have three days to complete and submit the business plan survey.

We will assess the key elements of your idea and if we like it, we will send you feedback and perhaps request more detail if necessary.

Step 4


STEP 3 AND 4 RUN CONCURRENTLY. You will complete this step WHILE completing Step 3.

We’re not only interested in good businesses, we’re interested in the people behind the business.

This is where we really get to know you and all your business partners and their roles in your business.

Step 5


If you’ve made it this far it’s time to come to Awethu and pitch your business to us. Hooray!

Step 6


If your pitch interview is a success, you will receive an offer based on your complete application.

Step 7


Contracts are signed and we're officially partners in business success.

Applications for SAYF are currently closed.