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Working at Awethu

Working at Awethu

As a company, Awethu is courageous. It’s agile. It’s eccentric.  We’re leaders who take initiative and move quickly.

The Awethu Project exists to solve the world’s problems of stagnant economic growth, high youth unemployment and extreme inequality.

We’ve built our own model, we’ve forged our own path. We meet our self-imposed, exceptional targets regularly. We lead and others follow, or they get out the way.

Our model is different. It comes from a different history, a different culture, a different team, and a different vision for how the world should work.

We’re an elite and original force. Passion and excellence are the common denominators in everything that we do.

Who works at Awethu?

Leaders work at Awethu. We’re a team focused on results. There’s no such thing as “that’s not my job”. Everyone recognises that we’re working towards a common goal and we take personal ownership of the company’s mission.

Innovation and invention are expected. Creative problem solving is the norm and we’re confident enough to trust our business judgment and good instincts.

Awethu’s employees are continually growing and achieving new levels of performance and success. We understand that we’re developing future leaders and this is a role we take seriously.

Why work at Awethu?

As a company, Awethu is courageous. It’s agile. It’s eccentric.  We’re leaders who take initiative and move quickly because we’re focused on delivering concrete results, fast. We have the courage to be proactive groundbreakers in a society that needs a shake up. 

Our mission is massive and we’re on a constant trajectory to success. The Awethu team is changing the social and economic landscape of our country. We’re crafting leaders and providing opportunity where there is none.

Our work is hands-on, meaningful and extremely fulfilling. We witness positive change and social outcomes on a daily basis. Every one of us is passionate about our cause and we feed off each other’s energy, intelligence and generosity.

In short

The Awethu offices offer an energetic, supportive and accepting environment. This is a place where visionaries thrive. Where efficiency, ingenuity and boldness are encouraged and rewarded.

It takes guts, grit and resilience to change a country from the ground up. So far, the Awethu blueprint has us on course to revolutionise lives, small business, and the economy in South Africa.


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