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The Awethu project and Government offer a life-changer

The Awethu project and Government offer a life-changer

The Awethu Project and Government offer a life-changer to 250 entrepreneurs

Lack of training and funding for entrepreneurs trap South Africa in unemployment and poverty. The Awethu Project, in partnership with the Government’s Jobs Fund, is helping to liberate our entrepreneurial potential by giving away scholarships in Awethu’s entrepreneurship training academy worth over R11M, and equity investments of up to R250K (#Awe250K) in the best scholarship winners.

Awethu is the most innovative SMME investment company in South Africa, and it is Black and youth owned. It is using entrepreneurship to build the country we all want to live in – a fair country in which all South Africans can realise their potential. Awethu doesn’t care whether an entrepreneur runs a spaza shop or wants to become a Black Industrialist, as long as that entrepreneur has the ambition and talent to improve their lives through entrepreneurship, Awethu wants to invest in them.

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