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#AwethuPeople - Raymond Kasinganeti

#AwethuPeople - Raymond Kasinganeti

Meet Raymond Kasinganeti - a game changer who helps entrepreneurs become highly successful businesspeople.

Raymond is registered with SACNASP as a Certificated Natural Scientist (Mathematical Sciences) and with IBASA as a Principal Business Adviser.

His area of passion and expertise is wealth creation through entrepreneurship, a skill which he is perfecting through his work with the highly successful Awethu Project, first, as a Senior Venture Manager.

Raymond has worked extensively as a Business Development Executive, identifying, pursuing and closing deals in the finance, energy, telecommunications and economic sectors within South Africa and beyond.

Game Changers: Inspiration to change your world is his first published book.

Why did I join the Awethu Project?

I have positioned myself as an African Game Changer. Any person or organisation that is doing any sort of work to advance the quality of the African life is my friend. So when I saw that Awethu was doing exactly that, I became very interested in joining the team.

What particularly appealed to me was the fact that Awethu was not just talking about the different ways in which the African game could be changed but was getting its hands dirty and striking at the heart of the matter: entrepreneurship.

Studies have shown that if poverty is eradicated, the general quality of life improves and thus in Awethu’s case, my lifelong passion and purpose is being fulfilled as I help entrepreneurs, not just to subsist but to become highly profitable businesspeople.

What progress has there been since joining Awethu?

Since joining Awethu, I’ve:

  1. Worked with a cohort of over 25 entrepreneurs to grow their businesses as an Incubation Coach

  2. Identified, pitched and successfully funded 3 businesses that are about to scale

  3. Mentored new Venture Managers to improve their chances of success in building their own ventures as a Senior Venture Manager

  4. Helped shape the strategy which enabled Awethu to grow from the Incubation Phase to the Investment Phase over a period of 2 years.

  5. Changed the lives of many entrepreneurs for the better, which is the icing on the cake!

Awethu has given me an opportunity to live out my purpose, sharpen my skills as a businessman and have fun while doing it!


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