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#AwethuPeople - Nhlanhla Dlamini

#AwethuPeople - Nhlanhla Dlamini

Nhlanhla Dlamini, founder of the Maneli Group, gives us insight into his entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship is a game of attrition. It’s about having the determination, the discipline, and the drive to see it through. It’s about not giving up and being the last man or woman standing when everyone else has fallen by the wayside.

Born and bred in the township of Mofolo in Soweto, Nhlanhla’s life story is proof that determination, discipline drive goes a long way in business. When his parents got retrenched while he was in school Nhlanhla decided to find other means of paying for his fees. Instead of being depressed and being another statistic he started looking for scholarships to further his studies. Thirty rejection laters later he finally got a bursary to study at the University of Witwatersrand.

After finishing at Wits he went on to Oxford and lived in the UK and the US for five years. This experience taught him that basic things like quality education, decent employment opportunities, and the strong social safety net should be things that South Africans have access to.

Living abroad also made him appreciate South Africa more. He says, “we are fortunate to live in a country that is brimming with change. It is energising to see that we can still make a change in this country that’s not broken yet far from perfect.”

“I am passionate about South Africa, its people, welfare, and development. I chose to be an entrepreneur because I see a lot of opportunities to affect economic and social change in this country through business.”

He defines himself as someone who is disciplined, hardworking, adventurous, considerate and committed to the development of South Africa.

His discipline and work ethic can be attributed to his sportsmanship. Having played rugby, soccer, and basketball, Nhlanhla says sports requires one to be a team player, to train and push beyond what our bodies can take and this is something he practices daily.

In future, Nhlanhla would like to start a scholarship or a foundation that will allow young South Africans to live abroad for a while. “You don’t lose anything by traveling, instead, you get exposed to new people and social systems which broaden your perspective on life and society.”

Hear what Nhlanhla has to say about his business: Watch the snapshot.

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