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Awethu Project providing youth entrepreneurship training in our lifetime

Awethu Project providing youth entrepreneurship training in our lifetime

Youth entrepreneurship training in our lifetime! Founded by Yusuf Randera-Rees in 2009, the Awethu Project has made it their personal mission to revolutionize the economy by solving the problem of the “Missing Middle”.

According to the Awethu Project website, “In high-income countries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are responsible for over 50% of GDP and over 60% of employment, but in low-income countries they are less than half of that: 30% of employment and 17% of GDP. This SME gap is called the Missing Middle”.

Awethu Projects has positioned itself as one of the most progressive, young, black and innovative entrepreneurship development company in South Africa. The flagship project is their Entrepreneurial Business Incubator Programme, which uses a groundbreaking model to identify individuals with high potential who either want to start up businesses, or are currently running businesses, and want to see them grow.

The project has incubated more than 500 entrepreneurs and developed some of the world’s most innovative models for investing in SMMEs and this year they are looking to scale the initiative with like-minded partners in order to make an impact.

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